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If we do not manage to get rid of excess fatty mass in our bodies, although we follow a certain diet and exercise for the sport, the technique of liposuction is able to remove these excess blocks. It is an effective medical intervention with excellent results.<br /> Diet and exercise rarely manage to rid us of excess fat in our bodies. This is an area that surpasses liposuction. The technique is to remove the fatty deposits found under the skin by using a fine tube called a cannula, which enters under the skin and from there applies high pressure. This procedure is performed under general anesthesia if many large areas are treated, while local anesthesia is best when the treatment area is limited or small (chin, knees, ankles, etc.). It is possible during the same process liposuction deal with several different regions, so its duration varies between 40 minutes and two hours. This is not considered a scientific treatment for obesity or a way to lose weight, which is a determining factor to conduct this process or not.

Weigh loss surgery timeline

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Your surgical procedure:

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After undergoing liposuction, it is recommended to enjoy a minimum of one week's leave. During this period, the treated area must remain clean and dry. Small wounds or incisions are closed by thin medical threads (stitches). The compressor should be worn for a few weeks to help reduce inflammation and bruising, to improve the strength and to prevent fluid build-up in treated areas. The final result can be seen after about six weeks, with the possibility of observing the difference immediately after surgery.

Initial evaluation

The first step before deciding to start gastric slide surgery is to make sure you are a good candidate for slimming surgery. The World Health Organization has determined several criteria for selecting the candidate that the weight loss surgeon and the insurance institution will evaluate on the basis of these criteria.

Finding a Slimming Surgeon

After you have been nominated for gastric slide surgery, you should get initial consultation with your desired weight loss surgeon. You can also talk to people who have had this surgery before. During the consultation session, the weight loss surgeon will explain to the patient how to perform the procedure, the methods available for the weight loss surgery, the disadvantages and benefits of each. The patient can also ask the doctor about the conditions of insurance coverage and so on.

Visit a nutritionist

Part of the long-term goals of the patient are dietary changes after slimming surgery. The dietitian will prescribe a new diet for the patient that must be followed before and after gastric slide surgery. In addition, the patient is asked to begin exercise before surgery based on his or her ability and health.

Achieve your weight loss goal before slimming surgery

In some cases, the surgeon may advise the patient to lose some weight before slimming surgery. Any weight you lose before surgery is indicative of your willingness to lose weight. In addition, losing weight before weight loss surgery can greatly reduce the risks of surgery.

During surgery

Gastric slides are usually performed by laparoscopy and small incisions on the abdomen. This method has many advantages over open surgery. These benefits include rapid recovery, pain relief, bleeding, injury, and short recovery from gastric slide surgery.

The surgeon makes 2 to 4 small incisions on the patient’s abdomen, and the laparoscope and other surgical instruments enter the patient’s abdomen and stomach through these holes.

Laparoscope is a narrow tube that has lights and cameras and is connected externally to a monitor in the operating room. The device takes pictures from the stomach and transmits it to the monitor so that the surgeon can become aware of the procedure.
A large portion of the stomach is then removed and the remainder closed with surgical staples. The remainder of the stomach is a thin sleeve and holds much less food.

The slimming surgeon then removes the laparoscope and surgical instruments and sutures the abdominal incisions.

Gastric slide surgery takes about an hour.

After slimming surgery

After undergoing gastric slide surgery, the patient is likely to be hospitalized within one to two days. The stomach may be inflamed and painful for a few days as your doctor prescribes pain relief during this period.

You can start taking diluted liquids one day after surgery. The surgeon gives you a special diet that is very important to follow. It will take a while for your new stomach to get used to the solids. Thus, during the first two weeks after slimming surgery, the diet is limited to fluids, and after the second week, semi-solid, nymphal, and low-solids foods will enter the post-operative gastric slave diet.
Gastric slave patients lose an average of 2 to 5 percent of their weight within two years. At first this weight loss may be very fast. To ensure this weight loss process continues, the patient needs to incorporate regular exercise into his or her life plan. Losing weight makes it easier for you to do your daily activities and even performs exercises that you were not able to do before. Exercises for post-slimming fitness include speed walking, cycling, tennis and swimming. It is best to choose the sport you are most interested in. Avoid excessive exercise and try to start short and increase it gradually.
Post-operative weight loss can improve the obesity-related illnesses you were suffering from earlier. Diseases such as asthma, type 2 diabetes, arthritis, hypertension, sleep apnea, high cholesterol and digestive diseases.


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Body sculpting frequently asked questions

1. What is the best method of body sculpture?

Generally speaking, it is not possible to say which method is best for a patient to do one of the body sculptures, and it is advisable to consult a good physician for advice and examination to recommend the appropriate procedure after examining your expectations.

2. What are the different types of body sculpture methods?

Lipsticks, Lipomatics, Ultrasonic Lipolysis, Ultrasound, Body Jet, Lipolyser

3.What areas of the body are sculptured?

Sculpture can be done on the abdomen and flanks, thighs and legs, arms

4.Does body sculpture have side effects?

Answer: If the person goes to the best physician for a sculpture and the patient observed before and after care, he or she will be no harm.


The only flaw in sculpture. Inflation is a bruise that is natural and resolves over time and there is no worry

5.What is the cost of body sculpting?

The cost of the sculpture is determined by the doctor’s salary, the sculpture method, the treatment area, the cost of the tests and medications, etc.



6.. What are post- body sculpture care?

Post-sculpture care differs in every way that applicants for information can refer to articles related to the site, but general care is as follows:


  • Massage the treated area to remove the blood vessels completely.
  • If you have abdominal and side sculptures make sure to use a special gauze and use it regularly.
  • Examine your appointment regularly



7.When is the appropriate age for body liposculpture?

The minimum age for body sculpture is 18 years and the highest age is 60 years.

8. Can body fat removed by sculpture be reversible?

It should be noted that if a person does not follow their diet after sculpting, the lost fat may be restored.

9. How long after lipomatics can I exercise?

A post-lipomatic walk should start the same day. Doing heavy workouts should be done one week after the operation so that no pressure is applied to the area that has been lipomatized.

10.how long should I use slimming guin?

One of the measures that Dr.kazem Zargari recommends after lipomatics is the use of slimming guin in the first 6 weeks after lipomatics.it is highly recommended to use a post-lipomycin slimming guin for a better result.

11.is this true after lipomatous surgery in women with menstrual disorders?

Yes. Some women may have postmenopausal menstrual

disorders after the lipomatics. Which is not cause for concern.

12.is it possible to use cold compresses after lipomatics?

By no means after lipomatics should use the cold compresses

13.when can I go to the bathroom after lipomatics?

It is possible to bathe on the same day after lipomatics, but should not go to the sauna after lipomatics for one month.