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For those who wish to visit Iran, they must apply for a visa to Iran through accredited travel agencies in Iran to obtain the permit number first. After obtaining it, apply for the visa and print the visa in your passport. The length of taking the permit number is 5 days. To the nearest Iranian embassy or consulate of Iran to you.
Important note: Women should wear decent clothing when they arrive at Iran's airport and are prevented from leaving the airport if their clothes are not decent.

Take a visa at the airport

Persons who visit Iran for the purpose of tourism, commerce or medical treatment and others can obtain visas to enter Iran at the international airport in all Iranian cities such as Tehran – Mashhad – Shiraz – Tabriz.

Entry visas issued at the international airport in Iran include 70 countries and offices of issuing entry visas, which are under the supervision of the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who are stable at the airport and the traveler upon arrival at the airport must check the visa section and take approval for entry and issuing it may take about two hours to 3 hours From the waiting time, the traveler can stay with this visa for a period of up to 3 days.

Despite the fact that the Iranian Foreign Ministry provided these facilities to take the visa at the airport, but we and the travelers prefer to take the visas to enter through the offices and travel agencies accredited and the Iranian Embassy for several reasons: (1) waiting in the long lines at the airport to take the visas, Some times 24 hours.

(2) The time the traveler arrives at the international airport (it is possible for the traveler to arrive at late hours at night and the visa officer is not present and the traveler must wait until the next morning)

(3) the time it takes to write the visa application form and wait for its approval.

(4) the possibility of not approving the issuance of visa, forcing the traveler to stay at the airport and return to his country.

* The benefits of taking visas to enter Iran by travel:

(1) taking the visa in a short period of time.

(2) the two of the two who took the visa entry before traveling.

(3) Do not wait in long lines at the airport.

(4) not wasting time to write the visa application.

* Conditions for obtaining visas entry at the Iranian International Airport:

(1) Taking the visas must be your nationality from the following countries:

Azerbaijan, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Indonesia, Jordan, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Qatar, Republic of Korea, Russian Federation, Sweden, Switzerland, , North Korea, Cuba, Kuwait, Georgia, Lebanon, Poland, Malaysia, Hungary, Mongolia, Mexico, Norway, New Zealand, Venezuela, Vietnam, Netherlands and Greece.

(2) The origin of the passport with validity of not less than 6 months. (3) The permit number (obtained by the traveler from the Travel Office organized by his travel)

(4) Origin and image of passenger insurance (mandatory insurance for all foreign travelers to Iran)

(5) The address or hotel where the traveler wants to reside in Iran and pay the visa fee at the Iranian International Airport

Entry into Iran without a visa for citizens of 7 countries

According to the airport police in Iran, the citizens of Syria, Turkey, Lebanon, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Bolivia will be able to enter Iran without the need for a visa. The cancellation or facilitation of visas is a diplomatic procedure usually in accordance with the laws and regulations of the countries and with regard to political and commercial exchanges. In Iran, Iran is entering 60 countries, where Iran currently offers visas to all but two countries – Bangladesh and Afghanistan.

Apart from the airport visas provided by the Republic of Iran to facilitate the travel of foreign tourists to the country and citizens of seven countries: Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Bolivia, Egypt and Georgia visa-free passport must be valid travelers, they can stay in Iran and travel to Iran for a limited period, according to When the Iranian government decided in accordance with diplomatic and international agreements.

The citizens of Syria can stay in Iran for 90 days, Georgia 45 days, 30 days Bolivia and Egypt 20 days, Lebanon and Azerbaijan every 15 days without a visa provided that travel is only for Iran, but if Iran is a transit country and go to another country, Apply for a visa through the Iranian Foreign Ministry.

Although the adoption of this policy has led to increased incomes of Azerbaijani citizens to Iran in the past two years, the most visited Iran in the field of business or medical treatment. According to statistics of the Organization of Cultural Heritage and Tourism of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the second largest tourist country is to Iran after Iraq and also increased tourism and trade between Georgia and Iran

However, Iran has given Egyptian citizens a unilateral policy while Egyptian citizens can travel 20 days to Iran without a visa, but the Egyptian government’s policies are not easy for them to issue visas to Iranian citizens.

But Lebanon has given the Iranians an entry visa to the airport for a trial period, but no notification has yet been issued to prevent the visa at the airport in Lebanon.

As the visa waiver agreement with Bolivia was signed in 2012, Iran accepts Bolivian citizens without a visa. The move was announced to expand Iran’s relations with other countries.

Electronic Visa

Applications are recorded electronically via the Internet and sent to the consular section of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran where the expert will study the information contained in the form and request to meet a visa applicant if necessary. Hence, in light of the information available, the decision is made on the possibility of granting a visa.

A visa applicant must complete the form electronically in respect of all visas other than visas for the purpose of immigration through the website through the website requesting the Internet access features, provided that the information is recorded in the form accurately and correctly. We note here that some types of visas and citizens of some countries can not apply for a visa electronically and a student visa review representatives of the Islamic Republic of Iran personally. More information on Iranian visa types can be found at the following link: I am a visa holder in Iran

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Important notes

Please provide a complete answer to all the questions listed on the form. If the answers are incorrect or incomplete, a visa application may be rejected.

Registration of a visa application by electronic means is the first stage of obtaining a visa. Since all correspondence is done by e-mail, at the end of the application stage, you will be asked to write your e-mail address in full. If the embassy in the country where the applicant requests an interview, And place the interview on the screen after entering the email address. Please print this form and keep it until the interview. Some embassies refuse a visa application for those who do not have a copy of the application form. / ar / request / status /

After completion of the application form it is necessary to take the following steps:
completion of the stages of entering the electronic address, failure to complete these stages as a departure from the request.
After inserting the e-mail address, the confirmation page shows that the barcodes are displayed and the code to follow the application appears on the screen. Copy this page by clicking on the key on the edge of your computer screen (please do not use the Browse button when copying). Keep the image reproduced on the page until the interview because some representatives of the Islamic Republic of Iran are asking you.
If the date of the interview is included in the registration section of the application, a visa applicant must be present at the representative of the Islamic Republic of Iran for the interview.
If the date of the interview is not included, please check with the representative of the Islamic Republic of Iran as soon as possible for the purpose of receiving the original copy of the documents. If the date is not reviewed, the request has been withdrawn.