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Believe it or not, Tehran is the ``nose job`` capital of the world – with more procedures per person than even the home of Hollywood itself, LA. So widespread is plastic nose surgery in Iran that some clients travel from abroad and the region to have operations. Different types of rhinoplasty - cosmetic or curative - The rhinoplasty specialist in Iran have become the richest in the world.

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Rhinoplasty cost in Iran

You can save up to 80% by having your nose job in Iran. The nose job cost in Iran depends on the specialists’ fee. But all in all, it is much cheaper than other countries including American and European countries. contact us for detailed costs of a nose job based on different clinics and surgeons.

The process of rhinoplasty can modify the general features of the nose for the better either by changing the size by minimizing or magnifying it, or by changing the width of the nose or the size or position of the nasal bone, or by beautifying the heights or the obvious nose drops affecting the overall shape of the face. Many people want to undergo this procedure to correct a genetic defect or deformity caused by a wound or accidents. So widespread is plastic nose surgery in Iran that some clients travel from abroad and the region to have operations. Different types of rhinoplasty - cosmetic or curative - The rhinoplasty specialist in Iran have become the richest in the world.

Before and after pictures

See before and after rhinoplasty surgery pictures of some of our clients in Iran.

Stages of nose surgery from decision to surgery day

Surgeon’s Choice

One of the most important steps in nasal surgery to get a satisfactory result is to choose a reliable surgeon.
Since nose surgery is categorized as one of the most challenging cosmetic surgeries, finding an experienced nose surgeon, along with significant nose surgeries and a resume of desirable and consistent results, is the least thing any disease can do. Must do. Although there are many surgeons who have these conditions, there are also many surgeons who do not have these characteristics. Therefore, careful and effective research in this area is essential and is one of the most important stages of nasal surgery.

Things to consider when choosing a surgeon are:

  • Valid medical license
  • Education, knowledge and medical qualifications
  • Experience of nose surgery
  • The quality of your consultation and how
  • comfortable you are with him
    After you have found a qualified surgeon in your area, you should make an appointment for an appointment and consultation with your doctor.

Your first consultation session

In the consultation session, you will have the opportunity to talk about your goals of cosmetic surgery.

Your surgeon will examine you as a candidate for nose surgery and determine what changes nose surgery can make for you as well as explain other stages of nasal surgery.

When your surgeon understands your goals and circumstances, he or she may offer both alternative and additional treatments.

At the consultation you should talk about your medical history thoroughly. These include the following information:

  • Previous surgeries
  • Diseases that you have both past and present
  • Allergies and medications you are currently taking

Your treatment plan at a counseling session

Your surgeon will give you suggestions and information based on your goals, physical characteristics, and expertise, including:

  • The procedure of your nose specifies whether it involves the type of surgery or the combination of different procedures
    It gives you predictable results
    Financial Considerations and Costs to Consider
  • Risks and related problems are reviewed
  • The choices you can make for anesthesia and surgery
  • What you need to have before surgery
  • What to expect after surgery
  • Show pre and post photos of similar people and answer your questions

Who is the candidate for rhinoplasty?

If you suffer from respiratory problems and this has disrupted your normal life, you may have to have a nose surgery. Nasal breathing problems generally have two common causes:

  1. deviation of the inner nasal septum
  2. severe polyp or sinusitis.

However, many people undergo nose surgery to correct the deflection of the external nasal septum. Obviously, they are looking for more beauty and confidence…
However, in any case, you will receive the highest quality and cheapest nasal surgery services in Iran.

How do I get ready for nose surgery?

Your doctor will prepare you for nasal surgery by giving pre-operative instructions, answering your questions, getting a medical record and performing the necessary tests.

Before your nose surgery, your doctor may ask you to:

Avoid smoking at least 1 week before surgery to get a better recovery
Avoid aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs, and some herbal remedies that cause more bleeding
Regardless of the type of surgery, hydrating your body before and after surgery is crucial for greater security.
Nasal surgery is usually performed as an outpatient surgery. So on the first day of surgery, it is best for someone to take you home after surgery and at least watch out for the first night. Only in some cases requiring complex surgery may an overnight stay be required

What should we expect on the day of surgery?

Your surgery may be performed at a reputable hospital, an outpatient surgery or clinic, or at a doctor’s office. Most nasal surgeries take between two and three hours, but in some cases may take a little longer.

Medications are prescribed for your convenience during nose surgery
Most nasal surgeries use general anesthesia, but in some cases, mild nasal problems and surgery may be performed with local anesthesia.
To keep you safe during surgery, various monitors are used to monitor vital signs, blood pressure, heart rate and blood oxygen levels, and so on.
Your surgeon will implement a surgery plan he or she has talked to you about previously.
After the nasal surgery is over, you will be taken to a recovery center where your condition will be closely monitored. You will have a splint on your nose that protects the new nose until it heals. Tampons may also be used to protect the inner structure of the nose.
After surgery and after short-term care, you can be discharged and returned home unless you and your surgeon have another plan for recovery.


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FAQ's on Rhinoplasty in Iran

What is the difference between open and closed rhinoplasty?

In open rhinoplasty, a 7-small incision is made on the skin by dividing the nasal cavities into two portions so that the skin can be pulled upwards to the tip of the nose. This allows the surgeon to work on the natural position of the nasal cartilage and to master what it does. It also corrects for curvature, projection (nose-to-face distance), total nasal length, nasal congestion or elongation.

In closed rhinoplasty, no incision is made on the skin surface. Some surgeons prefer closed rhinoplasty and achieve great results. But most people choose open rhinoplasty.
In both open and closed rhinoplasty, internal incisions are made intranasally to access the bone and cartilage framework.

How old is the appropriate age for rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty should be done after nasal growth is complete. For most patients, after puberty, all surgeons do not have a nose surgery until they reach the age of 16. Depending on the physical development of the face, the beauty of a person under 16 years of age may change after puberty. A patient must reach adolescence so that he or she can easily decide what action to take.

Is rhinoplasty correcting for deviation and nasal polyps?

During surgery the nose will try to correct the deviation and polyp as much as possible.

How long after rhinoplasty should adhesive be used?

It is best to use glue two months after nasal cosmetic surgery.

How long does a gypsum and nasal swab be removed after cosmetic nose surgery?

The tampons are removed 2 to 5 days after surgery and the plaster is removed 2 weeks after nasal surgery with sutures removed.

When can I get back to work?

You must take 2 weeks off. Because the initial swelling may remain after surgery. People who are more sensitive to the issue need to be away from their workplace for 3 weeks to fully recover. Cast on the nose should be removed one week after surgery. At this time any swelling or swelling can be concealed by makeup.

When can I get into physical activity?

Aerobic activity should not be performed for up to 3 weeks after surgery. Any activity that raises blood pressure will delay the recovery time and restore the swelling.

What is the Role of Laser and Endoscopy in Nose Surgery?

Laser and endoscopy have no direct role in cosmetic nose surgery. However, their use is particularly helpful in resolving intra-nasal and respiratory problems in rhinoplasty. At the same time, the skill of the surgeon and the use of state-of-the-art tools and techniques in rhinoplasty significantly minimize the swelling, bruising, and length of post-operative treatment that is mistaken for many patients, laser rhinoplasty. Is called

I'm not happy with the outcome of my rhinoplasty. When can I perform a rhinoplasty review?

People who want a rhinoplasty revision should wait one year after the original rhinoplasty. Because, first of all, the final results of rhinoplasty cannot be seen until the end of one year after surgery. Nasal swelling heals and general treatment can take up to a year. Changes are gradually seen during the 12 months following the operation, although very minor. Over time, the nose changes and looks different. When the nasal swelling sleeps, the changes look better.
The second is wound formation. Rhinoplasty revision is difficult enough without the involvement of non-adolescent wound tissue. Working and surgery of the soft tissue that has softened over time. Better and more useful for the surgeon. Even the presence of scar tissue after one year of surgery makes the revision more complicated and difficult.
Conditions contributing to rhinoplasty revision less than a year after the initial rhinoplasty are virtually nonexistent. If you are told that surgery can be revised in less than a year after your first rhinoplasty, consult another surgeon immediately. Before performing another surgery, allow your nose to rest as far as it can and restore its natural shape.

Is it possible to perform nose surgery with orthodontics?

People who have dental orthodontics can have nasal surgery, but if they have jaw surgery, it is best to have rhinoplasty for six months afterwards.

How long can I wear glasses after nose surgery?

It is best not to wear sunglasses and sunglasses for at least one month after rhinoplasty.

How long is rhinoplasty recovering?

Usually, the recovery period is 2 weeks, with plaster and sutures removed after 2 weeks of recovery, but the nasal swelling persists for several months.

What to do to remove bruising from rhinoplasty?

Intermittent cold compresses up to 2 hours postoperatively, keeping head and neck higher for up to a week.

How many days can you take a bath after nose surgery?

The head, neck and body can be washed 3 hours after surgery without wetting the nose. But bathing with a nose soak a week after surgery before going to the doctor to remove plaster and sutures.

Does the broiled nose return to its original state after some time?

The fleshy noses should not be shrunk but should be shaped and fixed. If you do this with a fleshy nose, there will be no turning back.