Patients Guide

The Iran medical tours is a part of Hospital Tech Medical Co. where we believe that everyone has the right to receive medical assistance regardless of geographical boundaries.

We understand the unique needs of our patients who are looking for treatment abroad and therefore we spare no effort to provide our clients and patients with full care and support through a comprehensive package of integrated services that puts the patient at the heart of the healthcare system.

Once you arrive in Iran, our specialist team will ensure your convenience by facilitating all your requirements until you are fully recovered and return home.

Before visiting Iran

The patient will send us medical reports
Our team will provide a treatment plan including
(pre-cost estimates - treatment of doctors and length of stay)

During the trip

Welcome the patient at the airport,
Book a hotel / apartment for the patient
Book a patient consultation and the procedure to be performed

After the visit

Follow up with the patient
Detailed work reports to be sent
Online consultation with his adviser

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You are always welcome to contact us at any time to inquire or book.

Please send us your medical reports and travel requirements, relax and let our highly trained team plan your trip, booking, transportation and accommodation.