Our Medical Centers

Trita Specialty Hospital

Trita’s specialized and specialized hospital was built on a 2-square-meter ground floor with a basement of more than 3.4 meters across 2 floors, unique in its kind.
The hospital is designed for five hospital beds that can be expanded. The center includes a residency for patient companions, a conference room for medical and non-medical conferences, a separate complex of physicians’ buildings.
Trita’s founders intend to employ state-of-the-art specialized and specialized staff with sufficient knowledge and experience in the country as well as physicians living abroad to provide high quality healthcare. For this purpose, the hospital building is designed and executed in such a way that all modern facilities and equipment are provided to provide such services and the patient is in the best condition during treatment.

Inpatient ward
Trita Hospital has several public hospital wards, each with beds that include two-bed rooms, one-bed rooms. In single-bed rooms, amenities include TV, fridge, furniture, telephone, internet.
Inpatient ward characteristics include the presence of experienced physicians, specialist personnel, patient and companion education (eg, explanation of diet or insulin injection for diabetic patients), comfortable and relaxed physical space, digital patient bed and service. Excellent pointed out. For the well-being of patients and their companions, it is possible to visit the patient in coordination with the ward manager
eye surgery
The ophthalmology department of Trita Hospital is affiliated with the City Center Specialist Clinic, which has an ophthalmology clinic equipped with a variety of diagnostic and therapeutic equipment for eye diseases and its ophthalmology clinics are ready to visit patients every day.
The services offered at this center include corneal imaging, optic nerve, retinal superficial layers (ERG-EOG-VEP), ophthalmic control, visual field recording, optometry,
Supplier of low vision devices, operating room equipped with cross link device and Eximer device, Algrato, LASIK, LAZ (PRK)
The eye clinic affiliated with the Central Clinic also has four operating rooms equipped with the latest modern devices for eye surgery.
Hemodialysis ward
The Hemodialysis ward of the Specialist Hospital is staffed with specialist physicians and personnel and with up-to-date hemodialysis machines in a convenient physical environment and includes hemodialysis machines ready to serve permanent hemodialysis patients, patients admitted to intensive care units and patients admitted to other departments.
Ear and nose surgery
At Ibn Sina Hospital’s Ear, Throat & Nose Surgery Clinic, focusing on providing health care to patients with complex ear, nose, and throat disorders, they seek the most appropriate and best treatment for each individual’s situation. To work. The ultimate goal of this clinic is to provide high quality services to our esteemed clients
Some of the diseases that are being treated by physicians in the clinic have been cited.
Head and neck cancer
Nasal sinus surgery
Allergic nasal mucosal inflammation
Chronic ear disease
Severe tonsillitis
Lips (cleft lip)
Down Syndrome
ear infection
Pink nerve palsy
Eating Disorders and Food Ingestion
Food allergies
Stomach reflux
Hearing impairment
Nasal defect
Nasal obstruction
Sleep apnea
Speech disorders
Breathing whistle
Thyroid disease
Vascular malformations
Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Clinic
Trita Hospital’s Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Clinic, with skilled and committed doctors, is able to provide all clients with the right quality and quality of care. At this clinic, we provide a comprehensive range of healthcare services with quality standards and ensure that your plastic surgery is performed without any concerns and that you achieve the desired results.
Some of the services offered at the hospital’s plastic and cosmetic surgery clinic are mentioned.
Reconstructive Surgery
Breast Reconstruction and Reconstruction after Tartar
birth defect
Correction of cleft lip and palate
Hand surgery
Reconstruction and repair of head and neck after cancer
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Removing and repairing skin cancer
Correction of defects after surgery
And …
Cosmetic Surgery
Remove chin and neck fat
Jaw Cosmetic Surgery
face lift
Hair repair
Wound healing
Remove the tattoo
Maxillofacial Surgery Clinic
The hospital’s oral, maxillofacial surgery clinic is working with specialist jaw surgeons to provide diagnostic and therapeutic services for congenital and facial, oral, dental, maxillofacial and neck disorders. Patients of all ages are admitted to the clinic. Doctors at this clinic are constantly working with physicians and other professionals to provide the best service to patients.
Surgeons are skilled in the treatment of diseases from simple to complex through surgery, some of which are mentioned below.
Pediatric and adult facial and dental injuries
Tooth pressure
Temporary Arthroplasty (Arthroplasty)
Injuries to the face, mouth and jaw
Jaw reconstruction
Benign lesions and diseases of the jaw
Obstructive sleep apnea
Dental implants
The dental department of the hospital is staffed by specialized doctors and experienced staff as well as state-of-the-art equipment to serve the esteemed clients. This ward is located on the fifth floor of the boarding clinic
Some Dental Services:
Public Visit
Children and children
gum surgery
Surface repair
Skin and Beauty
Our doctors at the Hospital’s Skin, Hair, Beauty and Laser Clinic have years of experience in treating skin and hair diseases in both adults and children. Some of the most common are:
Services for children and teenagers
From congenital moles to acne, warts, eczema (dermatitis) skin care regimens, many services are provided to younger patients at this clinic.
Cutaneous lesions
Skin tags, moles, and other unwanted or benign wastes are easily removed by specialist doctors in a variety of ways.
At yearly visits, the skin is examined from head to toe all over, and suspicious skin lesions are removed and examined for abnormalities.
Skin Surgery
Hospital specialists are expert skin surgeons and always perform procedures such as skin grafting and skin incision. In many cases, benign and malignant lesions may require surgery, some of which are listed below:
Tissue Tissue: This method is used to detect waste elements and skin diseases such as skin cancer.
Surgical incision: This procedure is usually used following previous surgery (for example, skin cancer or abnormal mole) or removal of benign lesions such as skin cysts.
Cryotherapy (Cryotherapy): In this method liquid nitrogen is used to freeze and then remove skin appendages. The most commonly used method is to treat warts, but may also be used to treat some other skin lesions.
Photodynamic Therapy: This method is used to treat precancerous complications such as actinic keratosis, actinic skin damage and sun-damaged skin.
Beauty Botox: Botox injections are used to treat and relieve wrinkles caused by years of different modes, such as flushing and frowning. By injecting very little botox into the muscles, they break down and give the patient a natural, beautiful appearance.
Hospital Hearing Aid Specialists offer remedies to treat patients suffering from hearing and balance problems. Here are some of the services offered at the clinic.
Auditory testing
Balance Test
Cochlear implant
Electroacoustic evaluation of hearing aids
Assessment and prescribing of hearing aids
Hearing and Balance Disorders
Hearing tests
Newborn hearing screening program
Children’s hearing test

Sahand Surgery Medical Center

Sahand Limited Medical Center and Boarding Clinic at Shahid Beheshti Ave., Andisheh Ave., Sahand Ave., No. 6, 2005 has been inaugurated and utilized by the best and most sympathetic medical and administrative personnel with specialized and well-meaning physicians.
This center has specialized clinics (Dentistry, Cardiovascular, Psychiatry and Counseling – Neonatal and Pediatric-ENT, Pharmacology-Radiology and Ultrasound-Orthopedics-Gynecology-General Surgery-Urology and Internal Medicine …) and 24-hour consultation with GPs Experience, pharmacy and laboratory and inpatient wardSahand Limited Medical Center and Boarding Clinic at Shahid Beheshti Ave., Andisheh Ave., Sahand Ave., No. 6, 2005 has been inaugurated and utilized by the best and most sympathetic medical and administrative personnel with specialized and well-meaning physicians.
This center has specialized clinics (Dentistry, Cardiovascular, Psychiatry and Counseling – Neonatal and Pediatric-ENT, Pharmacology-Radiology and Ultrasound-Orthopedics-Gynecology-General Surgery-Urology and Internal Medicine …) and 24-hour consultation with GPs Experience, pharmacy and laboratory and inpatient ward

Dental Clinic
Root cure.
Prosthesis .
repair .
Beauty and Restorative Actions-
– Orthopedic procedures
– screw, plaque and pin
– General surgery
– Women’s Acts –
Urine biochemistry
– hematology –
Coagulation –
– Immunology
– Serology.
– Tumor markers
– Infertility diagnosis

Iranian Dental Clinic

Dental Clinic ….. Provider of all modern dental services (dental clinic, dental implant, smile design, lamination, orthodontics, prosthesis, bleaching) with the best price and use of European and American branded materials in Tehran

Emergency diagnosis department
This section examines a patient’s medical history prior to the examination. A dentist’s knowledge of the history of various illnesses, surgery, and any medications used will have a significant impact on the way dental care is performed and on maintaining health during treatment.
• Department of Crime and Health Education
If you have a scarring treatment in your case before going to the different departments, you should refer to the scarring section.
• Radiology department
In this section, periapical radiographs and byte wings are performed on request from the medical department.
• Root canal treatment department
Early root canal treatment and root canal rehabilitation are performed in this section. After root canal treatment for tooth reconstruction, the dentist should refer to the restoration or prosthesis department. Failure to follow coronary treatments will lead to repeated root or tooth extraction.
• Oral, maxillofacial, facial and implant surgery
Today, the best alternative for missing teeth is to implant a metal root in the jaw and build a crown on it without damaging adjacent teeth. This implantation treatment is performed by the most experienced surgeons and prosthetists using the latest techniques and the most advanced equipment.
• Treatment of gum disease
Primary and advanced treatment of gum disease, gingival transplantation, increased crown lengthening, bone grafting etc.
• Restoration and Beauty
Patients whose teeth need repair (due to caries, beauty, etc.) are treated by referring to this section.
• Orthodontics
This section provides regular treatments for teeth alignment.
• Department of Dental Prostheses
In this section, alternative treatments for missing teeth, including fixed and removable dentures, are performed.
• Children’s section
Teeth are diagnosed and treated in children aged 1 to 5 years.
Orthodontics is one of the treatment methods in dentistry that is used to correct dental irregularities. Not only does this make the teeth more regular and prettier, but it can also prevent tooth decay and decay. Irregular teeth due to food can cause tooth decay and cause problems in the digestive system and other organs of the body. So often, at the discretion of the dentist, we use orthodontics to correct irregularities or mismatches and correct jaw problems.

Gandhi Hospital Hotel

Gandhi Specialized and Specialized Hospital of Tehran as a Private Center in the Iranian Health System in the Fields of Providing Comprehensive and Safe Health Services to Clients at Home and Abroad Using New Technologies and Skilled Personnel to Change the Attitude of Community towards Diagnostic Service Providers And treatment within the framework of national and international standards takes place in a distinct and serene environment

Inpatient ward
Inpatient ward where patients are deployed after surgery or other treatment to further care and follow-up. Four floors of Gandhi Hospital Hotel (floors 1, 2, 2 and 2) are dedicated to this section. Each floor has eight double-bed rooms with private VIP service and has been striven to provide the best possible comfort to patients and their companions. The policy of all inpatient, outpatient, and mutual respect staff is to prevent discomfort and worry in patients and their companions. There are also separate amenities including LCD TV, wardrobe, fridge, telephone, internet, adjustable air conditioning, toiletries, folding sofa and other standard amenities for each room as well as a hostess in each ward to provide the needed items. Patients, including medicine, food, etc., are considered. Additionally, in each section, dedicated resuscitation equipment, electroconvulsives, portable monitors and other standard medical equipment are provided. Another advantage of this system is the use of the intelligent PTS system for handling patient records, which reduces the number of people in the ward. Experienced university professors, the most elite physicians, surgeons and nurses with RN and senior degrees at this center are ready to provide medical care to esteemed clients. Nurses in the inpatient wards have started working in this area (in accordance with accreditation standards, infection control, safety, client respect and working with medical equipment, etc.), as well as in each ward, fluent in English, French, German. , Arabic and … present
Surgery Halls
In the field of surgery, specialized and specialized medical staff perform the most advanced medical procedures in line with the latest achievements and the highest standards of the world. The different sections of surgery are as follows.
The General Operating Room is equipped to perform orthopedic, neurosurgery, angiography, Post Cath and other general surgery. This section has 4 fully equipped operating rooms with microscope, arthroscope and laparoscope. It also features a C-ARM device for portable imaging as well as lead-fired walls to prevent radiation.
Skin, Hair and Beauty Clinic
Gandhi Hospital Beauty Clinic is one of the leading centers in the field of skin and hair cosmetics utilizing the world-class medical equipment and the latest in cosmetics. The skin, hair and beauty clinic is located in the polyclinic building in the eastern part of Gandhi Hospital. The unique services of this clinic include:
Focus on natural hair transplants with minimal damage to the hair bank and side effects during and after surgery
Long hair transplantation for the first time in Iran with very high density
A perfectly natural hairline with very thin, invisible holes
Invisible Scar line that disappears after 6 months
Laser Hair Loss with America’s Most Modern Technology (Palomar Vectus- Candela Alexandrite)
Laser Rejuvenation, Stain Removal and Welding and Stria Removal with Palomar Icon
Sculpture (Lipomatics) – The newest way to eliminate fat
Permanent hair removal in less than 5 sessions
Planting eyebrows and eyelashes with a natural appearance
Hair transplantation in areas of low hair
Beard hair transplant to head
Mesotherapy, Filler and Botox injection and PRP therapy
Dental Clinic
The dental clinic of the Hotel Gandhi Hospital with its medical staff consisting of highly skilled and experienced specialists, surgeons and dentists, as well as utilizing the latest equipment and using the best materials try to provide the best quality dental services to the esteemed clients. High numbers of oral problems indicate that people’s average awareness of dental health is very low, while late visits to the dentist impose many problems on patients. To this end, the dental clinic of the Hotel Gandhi Hospital has provided periodic visits to prevent this problem. In addition, the specialized services provided at this clinic include:
Restorative Dentistry
Root cure
Correction of dental deformity
Implant and wisdom tooth surgery
Remedy for all types of gum disease
Types of removable and fixed dentures
Correction of smile and whitening of teeth
Pediatric dentistry
Ophthalmology clinic
The Gandhi Hospital Ophthalmology Clinic is dedicated to providing clients with the expertise and expertise of their clinicians with the aim of providing specialized diagnostic, therapeutic and cosmetic services. The equipment of this clinic is up to the standards of the world-class centers and its specialized operating room is equipped with the most advanced surgical instruments and sets. The specialized services of this center include:
Diagnostic services
Examination of the cornea, retina and blood vessels
Examination of the visual cortex
Lacrimal System Review
Visual field examination
health Service
Refractive correction
Cataract (cataract treatment)
Corneal and retinal surgeries
Glaucoma (glaucoma treatment)
Treating lucidity and laziness of the eyes
Treatment of lacrimal and eyelid diseases
Beauty services
Ptosis (treatment of eyelid drooping)
Blepharoplasty (eyelid cosmetic surgery)
Permanent change of eye color
Cardiovascular Clinic
The specialized cardiovascular clinic is located in the east-east polyclinic building. The center is working in the following areas of medicine with the help of faculty members of medical universities:
Examination of patients, treatment of cardiovascular diseases and control of blood pressure
Electrocardiography and echocardiography

Noor Private Ophthalmology Center

Ophthalmology Center …., Iran’s first private ophthalmology center, started in Tehran with the intention of facilitating the diagnosis, treatment and types of ophthalmic surgery. Experience, simplicity and speed of diagnostic, treatment and surgical procedures, working with the best ophthalmologists in Iran, using the best and most up-to-date ophthalmology equipment in the world, reasonable and fair price services, cooperating with the vast majority of insurances and respect and respect. Patients and clients have made Basir the reference of many people in Iran and neighboring countries today for diagnosis, treatment and eye surgery. This has led to the development of Basir in Tehran, Shiraz, Kerman, etc. to make the services more accessible to more and more compatriots. It is our honor that today the return of foreign patients from neighboring countries and other countries of the region and the world has caused our beloved country to prosper in various aspects of tourism.

Services offered by the Center for Specialized Ophthalmology include:
The cornea is the transparent part of the front of the eyeball that separates the outside of the eye like the glass in the window. The cornea has two important functions: one that directs light beams into the eye and focuses them on the retina; second, it protects the building inside the eyeball. This very important and important member may develop diseases such as keratoconus or keratoconus and opacity. Timely diagnosis and treatment of these diseases will preserve vision stability and otherwise require complex treatments. The specialized clinic of the Corner Basir Ophthalmology Hospital provides this service with the presence of trained specialists and the use of the most advanced diagnostic and therapeutic equipment.
The inner retina is the most common layer of the eye and is composed of cells that receive light and neurons or optic nerves. This layer; Very thin covers about 5% of the eye area and any dysfunction of the eye and associated blood vessels can have an adverse effect on the vision and in some cases cause serious and blind damage. The most common of these diseases are: Diabetic Retinopathy and Degeneration Dependent; Age of Macula or AMD. Knowledge of these diseases and their timely diagnosis and treatment are crucial. Noor Ophthalmology Hospital Retina Specialist Clinic offers this service with the presence of trained specialists and the use of advanced diagnostic and therapeutic equipment including the latest retinal laser and vitrectomy OCT imaging devices and more.

Specialized Clinic of Beauty and Laser Novin Iran

Specialized cosmetic and laser clinic using latest state-of-the-art techniques and state-of-the-art medical equipment with the official authorization of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education of Tehran University of Medical Sciences, is ready to provide its clients with aesthetic and rejuvenating services.
This center strives to enhance your confidence and beauty with the help of the most experienced professors and dedicated professionals in the field of natural hair transplantation and in a completely relaxed and intimate environment.

Services Cosmetic and laser specialized clinic
Hair Removal by the Newest Combined Technology (Laser & RF) Guaranteed 2% Removal of Fluffy and Thin Hair
Rejuvenation and lifting of the skin with different methods of mesotherapy and the use of microdialysis machines
Haifo (Autopost) Microderm,… ..
Lift with yarn and face angling
Botox injection to remove wrinkles
Migraine headaches
Raise your eyebrows
Prevent (head sweat, forehead, armpit, palm,…)
Injection gel and hyaluronic filler of different brands to highlight the lips
Fix the frown line, the laughter line
Modifying the Chin Form
Angle the face
Mesotherapy to relieve darkness, puffiness and puffiness under the eyes
Relieves fat around the abdomen, abdomen, chicks, skin spots,…
Remedy for ulcers, pimples and acne
Removal of scars and warts and other skin lesions with painless sutures and sutures
Topical slimming and fat removal around the abdominal area,…
Types of piercings (navel, ear, nose) with the latest devices without pain and risk of infection
Treatment of hair loss by mesotherapy
Fat Injection