Frequently Asked Questions on Iran medical tourism

1. Who should I contact and follow up with when sending a profile?

After Receive of the details one of our experts will be in charge of handling your case and will contact you at all stages and will answer your questions.

2. How long does it take to get my questions answered?

Our experts will be responsive to you within a maximum of two hours, if you have any questions send us your contact information via the link below

Contact Us

3. Does Iran Medical Company offer Visa Services?

Yes. One of the services you get for free is the Iranian Medical Visa, provided by our treatment packages. For more information and visa requirements, please visit the link below

Iran’s Visa

4. How is the health service accepted?

You will be contacted and referred to a receptionist to fill out an information form with one of our experts, who will receive the medical and medical records you need, and then approve your appointment and schedule your appointment. Your acceptance will be complete

5. How can I pay for the health care costs?

After you visit Iran Medical Company, and make contract fees and confirmation from your doctor for the medical treatment The Company will receive treatment costs from you.

6. What side services does your company provide to the patient and his / her accompanying the patient?

Iran Medical Tour Company In addition to its professional services in the field of health, visa and travel insurance, it will offer welcomes airport, Mobile translator, intercity transfer, tours, SIM and free internet and accommodation to our customers

7. How are you calculated?

After reviewing the patient’s medical records, according to the medical services required, the patient is consulted and recommended according to the instructions of the appropriate medical practitioner and the costs are calculated our colleagues at this center effort to provide the best service at the lowest possible cost.

8. Is the image of our legal licenses visible?

Yes IMET has obtained all of its legal licenses from the Ministry of Health and Tourism of Iran and can be seen below.


9. What is the form of recovery and follow-up if I have a problem with my country of origin?

We believe that the service will not end with the patient returning to their home country, so if you have a problem you can contact with your responsible expert to provide an accurate response by contacting your GP.

10. Can I cancel my turn?

After reviewing the patient’s medical records, according to the required medical services, the patient is given the necessary advice and according to the advice of the appropriate medical practitioner, the patient does not need to pay for medical treatment if the patient does not want to be admitted for acceptable reasons