Cosmetic operations in Iran

Cosmetic surgery in Iran is witnessing a great development, with advanced scientific techniques, success of hundreds of operations, until cosmetic and therapeutic tourism has become one of the most important pillars of the tourism sector in Iran.

Prices of cosmetic surgery

The price of cosmetic surgery in Iran in general is suitable for many around the world, which has earned them fame in this area. These ratios are great ratios compared to the population and the ability of the state to attract patients seeking medical tourism abroad.

Medical tourism in Iran

Medical tourism services in Iran is chosen by thousands of patients every day due to the efficiency and experienced specialists in this field. Cosmetic surgery in Iran is divided into cosmetic surgery and non-surgical operations. These operations aim to reduce the signs of aging, improve the external appearance of the body and face and treat the skin and improve its functions. Many people tell us they feel more self-confident and have more self-esteem after getting cosmetic treatments in Iran.

Cosmetic operations in Iran target every area of the body, including the face, abdomen, chest, arms, buttocks, thighs and others. We will list all cosmetic operations in Iran so you can understand what you can do in one of the largest countries in the field of medical tourism.

It is worth mentioning that we provide a wide range of cosmetic operations that are popular internationally. In addition, we offer a combination of surgical and non-surgical cosmetic operation and a range of corrective and therapeutic surgeries for all patients from around the world. We also help our patients to obtain medical service from the best medical doctor in Iran.

medical tourism in Iran

Our Services

From the moment you enter your initial consultation with us, we will take the time to guide you through each step of your surgical or non-surgical procedure, until you reach recovery and get back to your normal life after surgery.

Latest Technology & Medical Equipment

Our team will keep pace with the latest developments in their field. They will ensure high quality results and modern technology in addition to the latest equipment according to the latest technologies in particular.

Best working team

Our team is the best in all treatment centers in Iran. We provide you with best beauty doctors and specialists in their field to ensure the best results to satisfy the customers, with the follow-up service to reach the stage of full stability and the final result required

Accommodation & Transport Services

You can take advantage of the transportation and accommodation service we offer to our customers, through modern cars and luxury hotels that provide you for the most suitable areas for residence and the closest to the hospital and the wonderful tourist attractions in Iran.

Popular medical tourism procedures in Iran

Each of us has its own reasons for the cosmetic procedures, including social, professional or psychological reasons. But we agree that all these reasons fall under the same name, the desire to improve and obtain a better aesthetic image.

Hollywood Smile

Dental Implants in Iran is recognized as high quality and a reasonable price for a beautiful smile. Iran has always been a medical tourism destination for many citizens of different countries.

Hair transplant

The best techniques and equipment for hair transplantation in Tehran, more than 15 years of experience and hosts thousands of hair transplant patients annually and from all over the world


The nose occupies the middle part of the face and contributes significantly to facial aesthetics. The defects of the size or shape of nose can be corrected through high-satisfaction plastic surgery.

Non Surgical procedures

To treat wrinkles and the effects of aging on the face, we suggest several effective and harmless methods. Such as Botox injections, hyaluronic acid and laser hair removal etc.

Weight Loss surgeries

If we do not manage to get rid of fat mass in our bodies, although we follow a certain diet and exercise, the technique of liposuction is able to remove these fat blocks. It is an effective medical intervention and has excellent results.

Plastic surgery

The goal of plastic surgery is to improve the appearance of the person, thus improving self-confidence. Plastic surgery can be performed on any part of the face and body.

Before and after

Since plastic surgery can make permanent and significant changes in the appearance, it is important to understand how these changes may affect you from the inside. Before you make an appointment to visit a plastic surgeon, you should consider your motives for wanting to change your appearance.

Why this is done

Many physical properties can be successfully changed through plastic surgery; there are other properties that can not be changed. Suitable candidates for plastic surgery

They have realistic expectations of what can be achieved.

Understanding the medical risks, the physical effects during recovery, and how the surgery affects them both personally and professionally, what lifestyle changes may accompany the recovery period, and the expenses involved.
They discussed their surgical goals with the surgeon and resolved any questions they had.
They control their medical condition.
They have no history of smoking or commit to abstinence (including passive smoking) and nicotine products, including chewing tobacco, nicotine patches, or emulsions or emulsions for 4-6 weeks before and after surgery.
Their weight is fixed for six months to a year.